Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2013

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Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2013 is an annual industry forecast written by leading philanthropy scholar Lucy Bernholz about the social economy — private capital used for public good.

The Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre are pleased to partner with Lucy to offer the Blueprint as a GrantCraft guide. The Blueprint provides an overview of the current landscape, points to major trends, and directs your attention to horizons where you can expect some important breakthroughs in the coming year.

  • What Is the Social Economy?
  • Insight: Big Shifts that Matter
  • Foresight: Predictions for 2013
  • Hindsight: Previous Forecasts
  • Glimpses of the Future

"Everybody with a phone and an app from Square will have the capacity to receive grant-level sums of money, track it against specific line items, and make expense reports."

"Linked, comparable, accessible data is the new starting line. The race is now on to see who will create what public-facing tools for making sense of this information."

"Nonprofits in the future will be defined by how they use their data for public good while protecting the personal privacy rights of all who contribute that data."

"Is the non-distribution rule regarding revenue in excess of costs still appropriate in an age of social business? Are there other rules that would better protect the public purpose of social organizations?"