Foundations in Europe Working Together

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The practice of foundations in Europe is very diverse and the context in which they work may vary from country to country. This diversity enriches collaboration among funders in Europe, but it can also present challenges, particularly when foundations look to work together across borders.

  • Foundations in Europe working together: How is it different?
  • Collaborative health-check
  • Cartoons
  • Case study on the European Foundation Initiative for African Research into Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • A sample of European collaborations

"Collaboration gives you access to additional ideas, financial resources, contacts, names..."

– A programme manager

"You have to be prepared to compromise and give up something."

A foundation executive

"It all started with a coffee, and in Italian, of course."

A programme manager, not from Italy!


"Everybody has different needs…pure grant-making, operational and mixed, and they all have different logics…It is not always easy to follow up on all these different logics and come up with something that makes sense."

A foundation manager

"Collaboration forces you to re-examine your values and assumptions."

A foundation board member

"She did not understand the power of a programme manager in some foundations. For her, a programme manager is someone who executes orders. So when the programme manager disagreed, she said let's go to the director. And if he doesn't agree, let's go for the vice-president…"

A programme manager