GrantCraft in Spanish

Makaia translated the following GrantCraft resource into Spanish:

Trabajando con el Sector Empresarial: Buscando el bien público con aliados privados

[Working with the Business Sector]

PDF - 32 pages

The European Foundation Centre produced the following GrantCraft resource in Spanish:

Foundations in Europe Working Together Infographic

This infographic complements a larger guide in English, Foundations in Europe Working Together.

Fundación Once and the Asociación Española de Fundaciones translated the following GrantCraft resource into Spanish:

La Colaboración: Un valor añadido para las fundaciones en Europa

[Foundations in Europe Working Together]
PDF - 34 pages

The Ford Foundation's offices in Santiago and Mexico City collaborated in producing this Spanish-language transcript for the following GrantCraft videos:

  •   The Grantmaker's Role
  •   Starting as a New Grant Maker
  •   Supporting Collaboration Among Grantees
  •   Reaching Beyond the Usual Networks


Note: GrantCraft's Reflection on Practice DVD includes Spanish-language subtitles for the videos noted above.