Grantmaking with a Gender Lens

Using a Gender Analysis


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In this guide, grantmakers and grantees describe the experience of using a "gender lens" in their work. They explain what gender analysis is and isn't - and why it can help shape more effective programs and organizations. The guide also takes a closer look at how gender analysis has led to new thinking in fields as diverse as public health, international development, juvenile justice, and youth services. And it offers additional insights and special advice on issues ranging from "What about Men and Boys" to "Uncovering Gender Assumptions."

  • Bringing a gender analysis to your grantmaking

  • Understanding how it can help grantees to be more effective

  • Applying it in your own organization


"People worry they'll be harangued, or maybe they've had the experience of being harangued."

- A researcher, on the difficulty of starting conversations about gender and program design

"You can't just paint the walls pink and call it a girls program."

- An advocate for girls in the U.S. juvenile justice system, critiquing the superficial program designs that purport to meet girls' needs

"That's interesting. We have more boys in the public-speaking program, and our girls are involved in internal leadership. Why is that?"

- A grantmaker, recounting a turning point in a grantor-grantee conversation about gender and program design