You have two big jobs as a grantmaker.

One you're prepared and trained for, and one you're not.  

You're hired as a grantmaker because you have deep knowledge of the field or community in which you'll be making grants. Applying that knowledge is one job.
But there's another job you'll need to master: using the resources at your disposal to make a difference. If you're like most grantmakers, you haven't been trained in that second discipline – yet you realize that how you do your work can be just as important as what you decide to support.
What tools and skills do you need to be effective as a grantmaker? How do you shape your role, inside your foundation and with grantees to contribute to the social change you all want to see? And how will you stay creative and fresh to new ideas and practices, even when the routine tasks pile up?
GrantCraft gives you the chance to sit at a virtual roundtable with experienced grantmakers from all kinds of foundations. There you'll find shoptalk – the hallway conversation that gets squeezed in between formal meetings, the vexing dilemma discussed behind closed doors, the practical wisdom that's too often hidden from view.
Use our materials on your own, with colleagues, or in a GrantCraft workshop. You may also want to contribute what you're learning to one of our guides.
Join us in exploring the craft's toughest challenges with some of its most seasoned practitioners.