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Experienced and new grantmakers alike can easily find themselves in ambiguous situations involving their role with their grantees or their foundations. Sometimes there's right on more than one side and no clear paths for action. A personal strategy framework can assist practitioners to reflect constructively on these difficult situations and to use the role of the grantmaker to improve the dynamics at play and move toward a better outcome. Whether it's saying No to a grantseeker who's expecting to hear Yes, offering constructive criticism, or introducing new ideas within one's own organization, even the most experienced grantmakers can struggle to sustain the focus and creativity they need to be effective.



  Recognize soft challenges, the situations that don't have technical solutions and leave even experienced grant makers feeling confused or ineffective.


  Draw on a new framework for effective personal strategy — using the linked concepts of role, self, and system.


  Think and work like a natural by using a framework that makes the tacit strategies of highly effective grant makers explicit and accessible.