Innovations in International Philanthropy

Join New England International Donors and The Philanthropic Initiative for the inaugural symposium on Innovations in International Philanthropy that will be held September 6-7, 2018 at the Samberg Conference Center at MIT. The symposium will bring together individual donors, family foundations, corporate donors, and investors who are actively engaged in international philanthropy and seeking a supportive community to share ideas and inspiration.

International philanthropy is growing, but still only accounts for 6% of giving from the United States. At the same time, private philanthropy is playing an increasingly important role – especially as traditional government funding to global development efforts is cut back. Regular coordination and collaboration among donors involved in international sustainable development efforts are vital in order for investments to have the desired impact. This symposium is designed to contribute to the field of global philanthropy by offering participants of different philanthropic backgrounds the opportunity to network, learn about each other’s efforts, explore recent trends in international philanthropy, and gain practical hands-on skills to increase the impact of their global giving.

The symposium program will offer participants a mix of panel discussions featuring leading philanthropists and foundation presidents, skill-building workshops promoting innovative solutions, and ample time to network with donor peers in both formal and informal settings. 


September 6-7, 2018

Boston, MA