HRFN Global Conference in Mexico City

Reimagining Human Rights: New Energy for a New Era

On the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a dramatically shifting world order presents profound challenges for the Human Rights community. With the rise of right-wing governments and the breakdown of democracies and democratic freedoms, activists and funders have recalibrated and refocused in response, experimenting with new strategies and forging unlikely partnerships that are yielding promising results. Grounded in the context of Mexico and the Latin America region, the conference will profile efforts that are succeeding and challenge our community to fundamentally rethink how we make change in these times.

The 2018 Conference will feature:

  • Plenary sessions – organized by HRFN and the Conference Advisory Committee – that advance a set of ideas, engage civil society, and elevate the context of Mexico and the Latin America region
  • Specialized tracks to dig deeper on grantmaking strategy and inspire funders with new actions to take forward.
  • Participatory Grantmaking Institute! For those interested in participatory grantmaking but don’t know where to start, join this pre-conference institute co-designed by leading participatory grantmakers, from the Disability Rights Fund, FRIDA, UHAI-EASHRI, Red Umbrella Fund, and Wikimedia Foundation and facilitated by Cynthia Gibson and Jen Bokoff, author and editor respectively of the forthcoming GrantCraft guide on this topic. This institute will give participants an opportunity to learn best practices in participatory grantmaking, reflect on their own existing structures and practices, and discuss needs and challenges with other grantmakers. Register for the Insitute here.

Photo of mexico city capital building with text about conference.