European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly 2017: May 31 - June 2

Registration is now open for the EFC’s 2017 Annual General Assembly and Conference, one of the largest global gatherings of philanthropy professionals committed to developing sustainable and inclusive societies!

Nowhere symbolises the 2017 theme quite like Poland – the cradle of the post-war solidarity movement in Europe. The roundtable talks which took place in the presidential palace next to the Bristol Hotel led to free elections in June 1989 and provided a catalyst for anti-communist transitions in all other CEE countries (including the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolution in Prague).

Decades later, we see a clear and urgent need for such solidarity once more. The biggest challenges institutional philanthropy faces, from climate change to migration to social justice, inequality and exclusion, no matter how unique they appear on the surface, all have one key element in common – they affect each and every one of us. Solidarity – working together to find solutions and forging a strong community of responsibility for these aforementioned issues – is therefore of paramount importance if we are to get from where we are to where we want to be. 


May 31, 2017 - June 02, 2017

Warsaw, Poland



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