Participatory Grantmaking

Coming Soon: A GrantCraft Guide on Participatory Grantmaking

Funders are increasingly looking to engage the communities they serve in the grantmaking process, but there are few resources about how to do so. This GrantCraft guide will address this gap by exploring the what, how, and why of participatory grantmaking, an approach to philanthropy that cedes decision-making authority to the very communities affected by funding decisions. With input from a working group of participatory grantmakers, the guide will share best practices and lessons learned for other funders.

Learn from funders that have shifted power about strategies to consider, the right questions to ask, and how this approach has opened doors to greater impact.

What You’ll Find:

  • Discussion questions to apply thinking to your own strategies
  • An encyclopedia of participatory grantmaking models
  • Videos featuring practitioners answering commonly asked questions

In the meantime... 

Check back here for updates about the launch of the guide, videos, and other resources!