Communicating for Impact

Strategies for Grantmakers

Communicating for Impact
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Foundation communications goes far beyond an annual report or the occasional press release about grantees. And it's no longer the exclusive domain of big foundations, communications staff, or consultants. Integrating communications is critical to advancing programmatic goals. See how grantmakers use a "communications lens" to develop strategy, evaluate impact, take advantage of new media technologies, and more.

  • Integrating a communications lens into grantmaking strategy
  • New media and bottom-up communications
  • Using the foundation's voice
sample quotes

"You can have a wonderful snowball effect by combining your words with your dollars."

- A grantmaker on supporting grantee communications

"Spin and messaging can sometimes make it feel like the nuance is lost. The story gets too simplified."

- A program officer on her resistance to communications

"Over time, we've talked a good game about how we don't want top-down communications. Now social media means that bottom-up communications is officially possible without convening grantees in a ballroom in some city."

- A communications expert on embracing new media